Ontario Hunter Jumper Association

Pony Power Series

The Pony Power classes are intended to develop skills for the young rider and to familiarize riders and parents with scored hunter rounds. One Pony Power class will be included in each of the EC Small, Medium and Large Pony Divisions at select venues.

The class is one round, over a ‘handy’ styled course.

The class may consist of a rollback, trot fence, hand gallop fence, bending line, a halt, option fence, bounce or a fence jumped in a direct line to/from the in gate.

Rounds will be scored based on traditional hunter criteria and the scores will be announced.

Ponies will be required to jog.

Classes will be held at the following competitions:

Classic @ CEP Phase 2 : May 22 - 26, 2019
Angelstone Headwaters Cup :  June 5 - 9, 2019 
Caledon Premier 1 @ CEP : July 3 - 7, 2019
Ottawa International at Wesley Clover Parks : July 9 - 14, 2019
The International at Angelstone : August 21 - 25, 2019
The National at Angelstone :  August  28 - September 1, 2019
Autumn Classic (Finals) at The Caledon Equestrian Park : September 11 - 15, 2019

There will be special ribbons and prizes awarded by the OHJA for these classes.

At select shows there will also be one hunter round of the Children’s Pony, Short Stirrup, Low Children’s and Beginner Children’s division that will be run with open scoring and awarded special prizes-these classes do not qualify for a final.

Provincial Award points will be awarded in the Pony Power qualifier classes as per EC rule G113 Equestrian Canada rules.


Pony Power Finals

Competitors competing in the OHJA Pony Power classes of the EC Small, Medium and Large Pony Divisions are eligible to qualify for the OHJA Pony Power Finals. The Final is open to the pony/rider combinations that have won a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place ribbon in one of the qualifying classes of the current season. Entries will be required to ride in for ribbons. Formal attire is requested for the Final. The Final does not count towards Provincial Standings per EC rule G113.

The Final will be one handy round to be shown over a course of 10 jumps with appropriate adjustments for Small, Medium and Large ponies. The course will include at least three tests from the following list: rollback, trot fence, hand gallop fence, bending line, halt, option fence, gate, dismount, bounce and direct line to/from a jump to the in gate. Open numerical scoring will be based on traditional hunter criteria with an emphasis on style and handiness.

Ribbons and prizes will be awarded through 10th.

There will also be $5,000 in prize money to be awarded through to 10th as follows for the finals:
1/$1250, 2/$1000, 3/$800 4/$500, 5/$400, 6/$300, 7/$250, 8/$250, 9/$125, 10/$125

A prize will also be awarded to the top placing Small, Medium and Large Pony in the Finals.

Entries (owner, and rider) in both the qualifying classes and the finals must have a current OHJA membership to participate.

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